About us

About us

Nancy’s deployment to Afghanistan was a wake-up call. The lack of basic necessities for our Warfighters and her interaction with our brave soldiers made this happen. Upon her return, Supplies For Soldiers was born.

Supplies For Soldiers mission is to raise awareness of the needs of our service men and women who are bravely serving our country overseas and our veterans here at home. We are here to organize and collect donated supplies and ship them to our brave heroes deployed in harm's way and to our veterans who may need some help.

Supplies For Soldiers is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization consisting of all volunteers who show support for our United States Military Forces. Mark and Nancy Wolfe, along with loyal and passionate friends, made a commitment to provide this service as long as our Warfighters and veterans need it.


Patrick Madden
Jessica Francois
James Gregorio
Nancy Wolfe
Mark Wolfe

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